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Q & A, Love Beyond Limits Style

I think it very important to answer and explain in great detail when children ask questions.I have a 12 year old that questions everything from God's existence, my childhood, the world as a whole and the world around her. She is very detailed and open to I have a 12...

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Let’s Make A Stand For Purity!

Many of our young people are interested in having fun, being social, and gaining an understanding of relationships.  Our young men and women want to explore a relationship with the opposite sex, but are often swayed by negative media, social, and peer influences....

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Welcome To Love Beyond Limits!

Greetings, My name is Maleka Long and I would like to introduce myself and Love Beyond Limits to you. I'm new to blogging but have always had a lot to say. So I hope you enjoy hearing about me, my family and Love Beyond Limits which is an extension of my family and...

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