Let’s Make a Stand for Purity!

Many of our young people are interested in having fun, being social, and gaining an understanding of relationships.  Our young men and women want to explore a relationship with the opposite sex, but are often swayed by negative media, social, and peer influences. Various messages in the world push a need for sex, and place sex on a pedestal.  This results in our young people engaging in sexual activities at a younger age.  The objective of the purity party is to promote healthy relationships, provide information about sexual health, and a commitment to understanding that they have a choice to raise the standards of relationships.  Making a stand for purity is showing our young people that they have support from their families and peers, building self-esteem, healthy families, and stronger communities by giving them the chance to experience positive relationships.

To see an entire gallery of photos from the 2014 Purity Party From Gayle Dawn Photography, Click Here.