Welcome!  The girls of Love Beyond Limits share what they learned during Spring Break!

Please take a moment to share their experiences as they learn very important lessons about how to live a better life and how they have grown through participation in the Love Beyond Limits SPRING BREAK event!

“I learned to make good decisions!”

Elisa - 8 years old

“I worked out, learned about GOD, myself, and also got to get out of the house and spend time with my best friends and family. I really enjoyed Love Beyond Limits Spring Break!”

Savannah -14 years old

“I got to workout, I didn’t just sit in the house. I learned a lot and got a lot out of it. I had fun!”

Terica - 14 years old

“I learned that I need to make better decisions in the future and that if I have faith and a good mentality, then I can actually grow up to be someone!”

Semajay - 15 years old

“I felt like it was fun, I really liked the group and Bible Study sessions and of course, lunch!”

Makaila -13 years old

“What I liked most aboutSpring Break was that I had time to relax and get myself together. Joining Love Beyond Limits has been GREAT!”

Alana - 14 years old

“What I liked most about Spring Break was chillin’ with Love Beyond Limits and playing football!”

Angel - 13 years old

“I learned that no person here on earth will get in the way of my future!”

Leilani - 13 years old

“I learned that I can be what I want to be as long as I put my mind to it!”

Jordynn - 11 years old