Mission Statement

To change and enhance the lives of YOUNG LADIES by promoting and developing self awareness, self respect, high self esteem and independence through academics, health, fitness and spirituality.  To give young women the tools to become motivated, self reliant, and confident while handling life’s challenges and enhancing the quality of life.  Focusing on the mind, body, and soul, we offer a 13 stone program that addresses image, love, respect, self-esteem, education, the role of a child, mother, and father, abuse, social skills, hygiene, meditation, and accountability.  Sports and music programs are offered with high-quality tutors, mentors, coaches, and friends.

13 Stones 

  1. Image:  The blueprint of who you are

  2. Love:  An expression of physical or emotional attachment

  3. Respect:  Accepting differences

  4. Self Esteem:  How you see yourself inside and out

  5. Education:  Gathering information from multiple sources

  6. Role of a child:  To build on the foundation that has been laid

  7. Role of mother:  Love, give, nurture, let go

  8. Role of father:  Provide, protect, sustain, teach

  9. Abuse:  To use someone or something outside of it’s purpose

  10. Social Skills:  To communicate/interact with any and everyone

  11. Hygiene:  Intentional health of one’s mind, body, and soul

  12. Meditation:  To keep your focus

  13. Accountability:  To accept your actions and control your destiny