Our Mission Statement

To change and enhance the lives of young people by promoting and developing self awareness, self respect, high self esteem and independence through academics, health, fitness and spirituality.  To give young people the tools to become motivated, self reliant, and confident while handling life’s challenges and enhancing the quality of life.  Focusing on the mind, body, and soul, we offer a 13 stone program that addresses image, love, respect, self-esteem, education, the role of a child, mother, and father, abuse, social skills, hygiene, meditation, and accountability.  Sports and music programs are offered with high-quality tutors, mentors, coaches, and friends.

The Thirteen Stones

1. Image: the blueprint of who you are

2. Love: an expression of physical or emotional attachment

3. Respect: accepting differences

4. Self Esteem: how you see yourself inside and out

5. Education: gathering information from multiple sources

6. Role of a child: to build on the foundation that has been made

7. Role of the mother: love, give, nurture, let go

8. Role of the father: provide, protect, sustain, teach

9. Abuse: to use someone or something outside of it’s purpose

10. Social Skills: to communicate/interact with any and everyone

11. Hygiene: intentional health of one’s mind, body, and soul

12. Meditation: to keep your focus

13. Accountability: to accept your actions and control your destiny



The Team

Paige Lizardo

Paige Lizardo


I am a mother of two and the owner of 2 small successful businesses.  First, I am a small animal veterinarian in Huntington Beach, California.  My husband and I practice at our family-owned veterinary hospital for over 11 years.  We treat our clients and patients like family.  Second, I am an Independent Designer for Origami Owl.  We offer customizable owl-mazing jewelry that helps you tell your story through jewelry.  I can help with a personal gift that has an emotional connection.   I also volunteer as a classroom mom and at a local wildlife center weekly.  I enjoy playing basketball, scrapbooking and working out. 

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW


Mercedes Samudio, LCSW is a parent coach who has been working with families for years helping them achieve results in developing dynamic parent/child relationships, ending the shame around parenting, and giving parents the confidence to raise healthy children in today’s world. She is a leading parenting expert certified in nonviolent parenting and attachment parenting and has been featured in The Huffington Post, The New Social Worker Magazine, Daily Parent, Parenting OC Magazine and Kids In The House.

Maleka Long

Maleka Long

Founder & Executive Director

My name is Maleka Long. I am the founder and mentor of Love Beyond Limits. I created this organization for young men and women. My own personal experiences pushed me to create this organization to help youth. As I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of adult support orinfluence. I missed out on many opportunities, such as going to college, simply due to lack of information.

The main priority of LBL is to educate youth. In reflecting upon my own experiences as a young adult I created a program called the 13 Stones. In life stones are thrown at us all the time. People wil lie to us, start rumors, or lead us down the wrong path. I wanted Love Beyond Limits to build a foundation for youth to catch those stones, put them under our feet andbuild on them to no longer dodge them, hide from the world, hide from people, or hide from our past. Instead I want ouryouth to embrace whatever it is that was supposed to be negative and turn it around to be a positive.