Maleka Long Founder of Love Beyond Limits

Maleka Long, Founder of Love Beyond Limits

The Child You Save Could Be Your Own™…

As Founder and President of Love Beyond Limits, I thank you on behalf of our hard working staff and volunteers,  for taking time to learn more about this wonderful program and the many ways we are committed to helping young women and men everywhere.

I am blessed with a dedicated team who believe in helping our girls and young women to blossom into beautiful and productive young women and gain the confidence and the tools which are required to lead happy and productive lives.

As we head into 2017, we need your support to keep making a difference in our communities and in the lives of those we serve. Click here to donate and be part of Love Beyond Limits.

Thank you for your support!

MARCH 25TH, 2017!

Come Help Us CELBRATE 5 Years of SERVING Our Youth & Community. Enjoy a Evening of Amazing food Hilarious Comdians and a room full of Beautiful People. throughout the year we are commitied to serving and tonight we get to Celebrate those who have effortlessly giving into the lives of our Families. We look forward to seeing your there.

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Spring Break Testimonials

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Purity Party 2014

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Our latest retreat is being sponsored by Foundations for Future Generations!  We will be attending a retreat at their Newberry Springs location March 22-24.  We will be starting a garden, bringing our young ladies out to “plant seeds” and wait on the “Harvest”.

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Discover My Full Potential

Our program encompasses mind, body, and soul to help young ladies reach their full potential.

Our Dedication To Our Youth

Develop self-awareness through self-reflection; self-respect by learning one’s value; love by finding self-worth; and high self-esteem through visual and verbal practice.